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What is a Flotation Tank 

and why should I float?

A flotation tank is a large soundproof pod containing water with a high concentration of Epsom Salt. The salty water allows the person to float, and because the air and water is heated to the same temperature as the body, 93.5 f, the sensation of the water or air on the skin is greatly reduced giving the impression that you are effortlessly floating in nothingness. The solution is run through a UV sterilization and filtration system after each use to ensure our tanks are 100% sanitary. The goal of a sensory deprivation tank is to create an extremely relaxing environment where you are free from distractions enabling clients to improve concentration and relax free from sensory input.


Flotation Therapy Benefits

11. Increases your body's ability to detoxify with the mineral rich salt bath   

12. Strengthens immune system 

13. Improves skin tone   

14. Helps facilitate endorphins, the body's natural blissful chemical reaction    

15. Supports improved sleep quality   

16. Eliminates the pressure of gravity allowing the body to free up heeling energy   

17. Helps the brain produce theta waves which are mirrored in the advanced art of meditation. Theta waves promote productivity, creativity and a sense of inner peace or enlightenment.

1. Reduces Pain   

2. Supports learning capability   

3. Supports normalized blood pressure   

4. Enhances ability to stay focused and concentrate   

5. Supports creative centers in your brain   

6. Supports Deep Relaxation of the mind and body   

7. Increases Motivation, decreases feelings of depression, anxiety and fear while facilitating freedom from unwanted habits, addictions and phobias. 

8. Helps reduce cortisol related weight gain

9. Increases athletic performance  

10. Achieve effortless visualization



1 - 60 Minute Float Session: $60

3 - 60 Minute Float Sessions: $165

• Add an extra 30 minutes to any float session $15,


• Add 20 minutes of crystal bowl frequency healing to any float for $20


• Student, Veteran/Military, Police, Fire fighter and EMS Floats (must have ID): $35 

(all packages have a 6 month expiration from date of purchase)

Save money with our Membership and Package Pricing

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