An incredible sports nutrition study in Panama has recently discovered through years of performance testing that the modern human diet is 40x more narrow than our optimal, evolutionary, or healthy diet.

Testing highly diverse robust, non-mono culture species Nutritional Diversity Diet Sciences Studies in Bocas del Toro, Panama has found that a minimum of sixty species is necessary for adequate performance (job, athletic, sexual, healing, brain, etc.) and that optimal performance is based on somewhere around 120 species in the diet. 

We are working directly with the botanical study group that is in Panama to bring to our clients the ultimate health and wellness!

True all-natural human optimization, through robust, exotic species that carry up to 200x more nutrients than the grocery store produce. Plus zero-toxins!

The body responds very profoundly to a high diversity diet absent of the bad elements it has been fighting with daily. 

We are pleased to offer the best wellness retreats facilitated by us, with the Jungle Juices, and highly diverse nutritional meals provided by the ND team!

Clients, athletes and weight loss oriented folks have been blown away, at the increased rate of speed they are able to achieve their goals using this excellent diet concept.