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            We are transforming! Enlighten Wellness will identify as Anandamaya from here forward. Our new web address will be New Offerings will be announced soon! 

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Take a moment (or two) to relax and breath :)

        "When absolute relaxation

             meets absolute involvement,   

                   ecstatic states happen"

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In a world filled with many obstacles and suffering, well-being and awareness is essential for our planet to joyfully grow together and evolve. We are devoted to setting an inclusive, serene, relaxing atmosphere for self transformation and healing.




Float with us inside our tanks that are filled with 1000 lbs of medical grade epsom salt and lots of love! The environment is perfect for de-stressing and unwinding so that your mind, body and awareness are functioning closer to your fullest potential.



Massage techniques include, Swedish, Polarity, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Hot Stones,Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Pregnancy and Geriatric. Our highly skilled therapists are happy to accommodate your session to your own personal needs. Techniques can be combined together to form a powerful healing massage session.


& Yoga

Learn to enter into meditative states with our simple guided techniques that can be later applied to your own personal practice and float. A guided meditation session is a great way to learn how to enhance your float session and build a regular meditation practice. Guided meditations can be set up as a one on one session or as a group session. Sessions will start with a warm-up and go into different meditative techniques that you can later do on your own to establish or enhance your own practice. If you’re looking to enhance your ability to consciously relax and perceive life in a deeper way, having a regular meditation practice is very beneficial.



Professional Instructors provide one on one wellness guidance to bring balance, harmony and vibrancy to the entire system. Includes 4 guided meditation sessions, ayurvedic lifestyle tips and a trip to the grocery store for healthy cooking tips.


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